Scoreless Streak: Hunter Cervenka is a Scrap Heap Hero

Hunter Cervenka is probably a handsome man according to many accounts. Objectively though, he appears more ’80s era MLB space filler than modern era stand out.

Doesn’t matter.

cervenka stache

courtesy of MiLB

Hunter Cervenka has started his big league career this season in sterling fashion, as far as results go. He has yet to give up a run in 14 games. Further, in the Atlanta system, he has yet to give up an earned run over 30 appearances from double A to the bigs.

This is all despite the fact that Cervenka was pithing for the Skeeters of Sugar Land, Texas, only about a year ago.

The Skeeters are part of an independent league, the likes of which are regularly groomed by MLB clubs. It’s not often, though, that players graduate from these little-known leagues and become impactful big leaguers.

So far, so good for Hunter Cervenka, then. Here are the top scoreless appearances streaks for relievers beginning their Braves career:

braves scoreless relievers

That chart no doubt amounts to a ‘fun fact.’ I make no insinuations as to any real significance to Cervenka’s start to 2016, beyond how unique and interesting that it is. We should all see it as overwhelmingly likely that Cervenka will look more human by the end of the season.

Until then though, we best celebrate the small stuff, Braves fans. Hunter Cervenka has been a real scrap heap hero, if there ever was one.

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