Hating on Everything about this whole #UtleySlide Thing. Everything.

Chase Utley has been suspended for 2 games during the postseason for a slide that eliminated the starting shortstop of another team for the entirety of the postseason, however long that will be for the undoubtedly smarting Mets. It’s unusual that a player gets suspended for a slide, much less in the middle of the playoffs. Yet, that slide was not even deemed unusual enough during the pivotal inning of what could have been a pivotal win for the Mets to even result in an out call. In a cruel twist of rub-their-nose-in-it fate, replay officials awarded Utley second base because Tejada was unsuccessful in touching the bag with his toe for the put-out as Utley was barreling knee high into the infielder with a slide that must have given Ty Cobb the warm and fuzzies in the grave somewhere.

Who is responsible for this conspiring against common sense? The boneheaded willingness of MLB to have rules on its books that are not enforced, that are enforced selectively, or that are only enforced via the practice of players plunking the crap out of each other, sometimes near the head, sometimes a bit lower depending on the innate maliciousness of the hurler. Read More

Off-Season Opening Day: Winter is Coming for the Braves (finally)

The Braves wrapped up their season Sunday by sweeping the playoff-bound St. Louis Cardinals and closed the book on a forgettable season. I couldn’t be happier to be done with this season. The team was not fun to watch and with the moves made last winter, this season was a mere formality for Atlanta. With the 2015 regular season ending, the club enters the part of 2015 that is actually most important to the major league team and really should be for the fans: the off-season. As everyone is aware and Philip discussed in his post here, the Braves decided that 2015 would be a rebuilding year and were able to successfully get rid of Melvin Upton Jr’s contract and trade some upcoming free agents for some prospect lottery tickets. With the ’15 season behind them, it is now time for the club to put their salary cap room and available starting position spots to use. It should be a fun few months leading up to Winter Meetings in December.

First, let’s wrap up the 2015 season with a look at the numbers. Read More

Finding Emotional Stability in This Damn Rebuild… Not That I’m Against it, it’s just… Sigh. Let’s Just Start the Article.

In order to get the full therapeutic benefits of these words, dear reader, understand that we the proverbial Braves Country are sitting in a circle, and it’s my turn to share my feelings. This is a safe place, by the way, which means among other things that you have to at least pretend that this is a great article. Here I go…

The season is mercifully on it’s last legs. The sun is taking it’s last peaks at us from just above the horizon. That’s juuuust about all, folks. (NOTE: to request more cliches to clarify my intended point here, visit our contacts page). It’s been a bit of an odd year. Anyone in the know during the past offseason recognized the likelihood of a mediocre 2015 campaign, due to our intentional rebuilding. There were of course those of us who forecasted particularly optimistic results, as well as those who zestfully took the opportunity to point out the ineptitude of our front office, under whom the Braves could never hope to be the Kings of Baseball Mountain. Generally speaking, Braves fans weren’t putting adorable Save The Date’s on their fridge to remember not to make plans during the World Series. Read More