The Braves Have Not Been Good Down the Stretch Under Fredi Gonzalez and They Should Fire Him

Last week, Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal reported that there was talk that Fredi had lost the clubhouse in Atlanta. To anyone paying attention, this shouldn’t be a surprise. The Braves, who are in a rebuilding year, have been a complete dumpster fire basically since the All-Star break (14-41 record, 170 runs scored vs 316 runs against). The team has looked lifeless and there have been leadership questions going back to last year’s disappointing season. This has been an unfortunate trend for the Atlanta Braves under Fredi Gonzalez, which is a huge problem. The MLB playoffs have proven to be essentially a crap-shoot, with often the “hot” team taking home the World Series. The Braves under Fredi Gonzalez have not been a team that gets better late in the year, making bringing home the championship quite difficult, even when the players are there to get it done. For this among many many reasons, I would like to see the Braves #FireFredi. Read More

Braves Make Another Great Move, Royals Add For October

Luis Valenzuela –

The Braves traded Johnny Gomes and cash to the Royals for Luis Valenzuela. I have no familiarity with Valenzuela. He’s a lefthanded hitting shortstop. Here is everything you need to know about him from Baseball America’s JJ Cooper . It sounds like there’s some potential for him as a solid hitting middle infielder or a super utility. The search for the next Prado continues. Read More